TMC Leaders of Tomorrow

Council Promotes Culture of Learning, Says TLOT Candidate Ray Martinez

As the name implies, TMC's Leaders of Tomorrow (TLOT) program is preparing industry professionals to be the newest generation of Council trailblazers, and Ray Martinez, director of fleet accounts, HDNABI, believes he is well on his way as a member of the Class of 2025. “The TLOT program is promoting intergenerational collaboration, creating a culture of continuous learning, and bridging the gap between generations.” Martinez also stated that TLOT was instrumental in facilitating the sharing of skills and knowledge between TMC members, as well as being an excellent collaboration platform.

Martinez first heard of TMC in 2014 when he attended his first TMC meeting and was immediately captivated. “Every TMC member I encountered shared a deep passion for the trucking industry, especially in the realms of maintenance and discovering solutions to enhance he safety on our roads.”

His most memorable experience as a TLOT member, however, was the Call on Washington, jointly held with American Trucking Associations Lead ATA, which he said was one of the most profound experiences of his life. Martinez said he was impressed by the eagerness of Congressional staffers to listen to industry expertise.

Specifically, he discussed Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 121, Air Brake Systems, and the possibility of updating this requirement. To his surprise, the staff member diligently took notes and engaged in meaningful dialogue. “The Call On Washington provided a remarkable platform for us to contribute our perspectives and advocate for positive change, engaging with our government officials and enlightened us on the critical role we, as industry professionals, play in shaping polices for a safer future.”

Martinez said he feels as if he has barely scratched the surface of what TMC has to offer and looks forward to completing the TLOT program in 2025 and further immersing himself as a contributor to TMC’s invaluable work