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We promise to deliver an advanced Air Disc Brake and axle system for the North American Commercial Vehicle market and strive to become a recognized leader for brake products that deliver quality, durability and performance.

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Safety is a core value of HDNABI™ and our research and development affiliate Sangsin Brake. With over 50 years of R & D development in brakes and as the #1 brake friction manufacturer in South Korea, Sangsin’s commitment to brake quality, reliable and performance is paramount. Experience and persistence without compromise enables a winning attitude for excellence. As a global leader in the manufacture and supply of brake components for automotive, truck, trailer and buses a new chapter is unfolding as HDNABI™, North America Brake Industry emerges as a new supplier in North America.

Our focus will be to bring ADB’s to market with OEM’s and their Fleets promoting advancement in safe braking. Our goal is to provide a high-performance Air Disc Brake and Axle System with greater performance and value with time tested endurance. For new generation of end users ready to advance driver safety and reduce the cost of ownership.