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Engineered for the long haul….

Many Commercial Vehicle Fleet operators realize the benefits of using Air Disc Brakes.
A new Choice for your braking needs where performance matters…
HDNABI™ has the brake solution for you.

Tradition & History

World class air disc brake technology is available now
from HDNABI™ your trusted OEM partner

HDNABI™ may be a new name in North America but its’ backed by Korea’s leading research and development brake company, Sangsin Brake. With 50 years of brake industry friction experience and

For more than 50 years, Sangsin Brake has produced the safest, most dependable and reliable brakes in Korea. With a focus on quality that is backed by industry leading research and development, Sangsin proudly manufacturers brake friction materials and replacement parts for leading global automotive manufacturers.

We’ve built systems that have been tested and proven to operate in various real-world conditions and proven its value for a leading Korean based automotive company and have recently worked with North America, No.1 trailer builder to test and certify HDNABI™’s XS5 22XLT™ / XS7 22XLT™ air disc brake and axle system has met their performance expectations. With a new facility in McDonough, GA