More Reasons to Choose an Air Disc Brake Applications

The new HDNABI Air Disc Brakes specially designed for Commercial Vehicles

The HDNABI Air Disc Brakes have a brake rating of up to 23,000-lbs. per axle making them the perfect choice for the commercial Trailer/Tanker, Tractor and Bus market today.

Based on the success of HDNABI XS5 22XLT™ and XS7 22XLT™ models, our design priority for high-performance, durability and light weight offers Fleets and operators a better alternative to drum brakes and competitive air disc brake systems. You can count on the same performance and durability you have come to expect from HDNABI Air Disc Brakes.

The ADB system sets a new “standard of excellence” with solid long-life performance features that include a robust dual-piston caliper with synchronized 5-gear mechanism, precision auto-adjust sensing, proprietary matched eco-friendly copper-free pad and disc rotor. Another outstanding feature is the HDNABI brake actuator, a superior direct mount piston-type chamber, sealed and contamination free with internal zero back pressure breather, with low hold-off pressure design that reduces the risk of dragging brakes. When normal maintenance is required, pads changes are complete in 15 minutes per wheel position (With wheels off). Quick service and extended wear intervals equal lower cost-of-ownership for your commercial vehicles.

Built on a successful platform, the XS5 22XLT™ and the XS7 22XLT™ Air Disc Brakes share common replacement wear parts to simplify fleet maintenance, training, and service parts inventory requirements. That means you can reduce the cost-of-ownership even more by choosing HDNABI XS5 22XLT™ or XS7 22XLT™ for your Tank Trailers.

Upgrade now to HDNABI Air Disc Brake Systems for a safer and more reliable solution alternative to drum brakes.

  • Controlled assembly environment for axle & ADB Systems (Highly Automated Assembly)
  • Precision torque controls for accurate assembly requirements
  • End-Play results are recorded by position and documented and included of each serial tag.
  • included on axle serial tag
  • Seamless Axle Tube - 5" O.D. - 23K & 25K Ratings, 71.5" & 77 .5" Tracks Available
  • Integral Formed Spindle Journals, Hardened Bearing Journals & Rolled Threads
  • Tapered (N) and Parallel (P) Spindles
  • Tire Inflation Prep (PSI Axle Plugs and Stators installed)
  • Piston-type, "High-output" extended life chamber
  • Increased drawbar parking brake capability provides +500 lbs. more than competitors double diaphragm park brake chambers.
  • Non-Coil clash low stress power spring, powder coat for corrosion protection
  • Patented Internal Breather with Zero-back pressure, low hold-off - 100% Contamination Free
  • Integral release bolt - Built-in for minimal protrusion design
  • MAGNI coated return spring adds service-spring life by 6 times over competitive chambers Protected ... Guaranteed
  • Synchronized Twin-piston actuation with 5-gear mechanism
  • Proprietary eco-friendly pads made with copper-free friction material. (2025 initiative compliant)
  • Precision auto-adjust feature with one-way ensures optimum running clearance
  • Two position caliper wear Indicators (Visual)
  • Rotor Wear Indicator- Dual-Sided (Visual)
  • HDNABI™ Ductile Iron 11.25 BC, 10 stud piloted hub for Parallel or Tapered spindles
  • E-coated interior finish
  • Proprietary metallurgical formulation – Designed to optimize rotor to pad brake performance and service life.
  • Full length cooling fins provides “Turbo-flow” air circulation
  • Precision machined and weight balanced without cutouts – Improves runout
  • Two-sided visual wear indicator (chamfered for ease of inspection)
  • Customizable HDNABI ™ Wheel End Warranty Packages for 5 year, 7 year or Fleet approved 10 yr.
  • Engineered Hubs with Fill Hole & Premium E-Coat
  • Stemco bearings, Discover hub seal
  • SKF/General bearings,
  • Industry Standard Bearings/ Seals/ Hub Caps
  • Premium Synthetic Oil or Synthetic Semi Fluid Grease
  • HDNABI™ “UltraTek” Advanced Premium coating (XS7 22XLT, caliper, carrier & rotors)
  • Hub stud length option, short or long
  • Axle spindle, Parallel or Tapered configurations
  • HDNABI™ brake chamber, Std. Piston-Type 2024D, optional Double diaphragm 2024D
  • Tire Inflation axle prep for PSI - Drill & tap 1-hole, Therm-Alert™ axle plug, Stator tubes installed
  • Wheel end lube options, Synthetic semi-fluid grease or synthetic oil, 75W-90
  • Axle spindle nuts, Parallel or Tapered - Std. Pro-Torq, optional, Zip-Torq
  • Dust Shields – One-piece reinforced steel