The technology mechanism of HDNABI's OPTIMAX 22XLT, which is directly linked to safety, is derived from long-standing research and technology development efforts, and is the result of active consideration of user safety and convenience.

The breadth of excellence and efficiency of ADB is a transformative move that not only protects the safety of large-scale trainers but also brings a new vision to the business involved. OPTIMAX 22XLT is now opening a new era of braking systems in the American commercial vehicle market.

OPTIMAX 22XLT, completed with the best brake manufacturing technology recognized by the world's major automotive manufacturers, is the unswerving commitment from HDNABI, a technology company of trust.

With a systematic and smart production system that challenges the highest quality, we will rise beyond the U.S. to become the hub of brake technology in the world.


  • Short braking distance reduced by 20%
  • Doubled the lifespan of pad lining
  • 4x faster brake pad replacement time
  • Reduction of noise and vibrationlinear motion comfortable driving
  • Flexible movement and excellent straight braking
  • Excellent brake fade phenomenon and heat dissipation capability
Carrier Mount
Air Chamber Orientation
Air Chamber Size
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