The technology mechanism of HDNABI™'s XS5 22XLT™ / XS7 22XLT™, which is directly linked to safety, is derived from long-standing research and technology development efforts, and is the result of active consideration of user safety and convenience.

The breadth of excellence and efficiency of ADB is a transformative move that not only protects the safety of large-scale trainers but also brings a new vision to the business involved. XS5 22XLT™ / XS7 22XLT™ is now opening a new era of braking systems in the American commercial vehicle market.

XS5 22XLT™ / XS7 22XLT™, completed with the best brake manufacturing technology recognized by the world's major automotive manufacturers, is the unswerving commitment from HDNABI™, a technology company of trust.


Long-life wheel-end package
XS5 22XLT 5 years limited warranty, standard
XS7 22XLT 7 yearS limited warranty, standard
10 year. limited warranty available (optional* )
Seamless beam with integral spindle
Axle tube coated Hardened inner / outer bearing journals Solid-steel ADB 6-bolt mounting plate Tapered or parallel spindles Tire Inflation prep – Optional PSI or Aeris
HDNABI™ Genuine OEM Service Parts Support
ATL Warehouse
XS5 22XLT™ / XS7 22XLT™ Air Disc Brake (22.5”)
Synchronized Dual-piston Caliper w/ visual wear indicators 5-Gear precision actuation mechanism with continuous auto-adjust Premium Piston-type chamber w/Low hold-off & +500 lbs. park force Premium brake pads - long-life copper-free friction material, low dust Premium Ductile Iron Hub, balanced, N or P spindle High-performance Turbo-Flo balanced rotors.







XS5 22XLT™ / XS7 22XLT™ ADB System Benefits

  • Axle Beams with seamless tube and Integral Spindles provide uniform thickness, strong bearing journals and light weight.
  • Tire Inflation Prep: Drilled and tapped beam, PSI Therm-alert axle plug, and stator tubes installed.
  • Sealed Reduced contamination and corrosion.
  • Disc pads with Eco-friendly copper-free brake friction contribute to smooth braking, stable stops, Longer Life, low noise and reduced brake dust.
  • Brake mounting plate made from solid steel for increased strength and superior mounting using HD Flange bolt.
  • Industry standard spindles for N & P spindles.
  • Lower cost of ownership, Longer life pads and rotors reduce downtime.
  • Consistent brake actuation, even pad wear, greater stability.
  • Piston Brake Actuator: Lower hold-off pressure, higher parking brake forces.
  • Non-Captive common wheel end parts, easy to service.
  • Superior metallurgy properties, Matched coupler rotor and pads, smoother stops, low noise and dust.
  • Availability as you need and when you need.
  • Choose from a 5year and 7year wheel-end solutions system.

XS5 22XLT™ / XS7 22XLT™ ADB System Specifications

Specification XS7 22.5″TRACTOR XS7 22.5″TRAILER XS7 19.5″ XS7 17.5″
Weight 42.0 kg 34.0 kg 33.6 kg 24.0 kg
Braking Torque Max. 27kN·m Max. 22kN·m Max. 20kN·m Max. 12kN·m
Brake Factor 0.74
Lever Ratio 15.6 (@30㎜ Stroke) 15.6 (@30㎜ Stroke) 15.6 (@30㎜ Stroke) 14.0 (@30㎜ Stroke)
Efficiency 95%
Effective Radius 172.6 ㎜ 172.6 ㎜ 152.5 ㎜ 134.5 ㎜
Clearance 0.6~1.0 ㎜ 0.6~1.0 ㎜ 0.6~1.0 ㎜ 0.6~1.0 ㎜