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HDNABI™ Air Disc Brake can use the same size brake on all axles. Traditional brake designs require different components for steering, drive and trailer axles, increasing the number of different parts needed to repair the brakes. However, with HDNABI™ air disc brakes, the number of parts to purchase, the number of services required, and parts inventory and brake inventory management costs are low.

Air Disc Brake Advantage

Outstanding performance Shorter stopping distance

Exceeds all federal regulatory requirements for reduced stopping distances.
The stopping distance is considerably shorter than any drum brake.

Better Braking Feel

Passenger car like feel.
Improved side to side brake consistency.


The better the braking power, the less accidents.

“Monoblock” Construction

It is more compact than the two-piece caliper model.
Provides better sealing and protection from environmental factors.

Dual Pistons

Uniform force distribution, more uniform pad wear, heat reduction, noise reduction.

Two-pin Design

More accurate overall dimension accuracy uses fewer components.

Lower Maintenance Longer Lining Life

Compared to drum brake applications.

Sealed Design

Sealed design, no periodic lube required.
Sealed reliable, integrated automatic brake adjustment.

Quick Pad Changes

Quick change pads - 15 minutes per brake with wheels off.

Available Configurations

Optimize pad and rotor life to reduce maintenance costs and downtime.

Light Weight Design Optimization

High performance Large (16.5 inches) weight comparable to a front drum brake.
Lightest dual piston air disc brakes available.