HDNABI + Buffalo Trailers

We are proud to announce another new customer has selected HDNABI’s Air Disc Brakes as their choice for its’ premium model,
“The Beast” Dump-Trailers made by Buffalo Trailer Manufacturing in Steger, IL.  Olmedo Saenz, President, Buffalo Trailers expressed his appreciation to HDNABI for their support and introduction of the “Best-in-class” model XS5 22XLT™ Air Disc Brake as their new featured trailer option.

Teaming together to bring you the best quality, technology, and durability for your heavy-duty trailers needs!

HDNABI® Air Disc Brake Systems, Performance matters…

For more details and information on HDNABI® North America Brake Industry,
visit www.hdnabi.com. And visit www.buffalodumptrailers.com for more on Buffalo Trailer MFG Inc.