XS5 22XLT™ / XS7 22XLT™
Air Disc Brake System

HDNABI™ North America Brake Industry is privately held North American Company that will manufacture a technology-based performance air disc brake axle system for heavy-duty North American Truck-Trailer OEM’s and Commercial fleet customers.
Its new state-of-the-art assembly plant will produce a technology-based high performance, advanced air disc brake (ADB) system featuring uncompromised quality, reliability and performance which features:

HDNABI™ Genuine OEM Service Parts Support

Designed to Endure.
Your best choice for safe reliable braking!


  • Axle & ADB Systems (Highly Automated Assembly)
  • Precision Torque Controls
  • End-Play Results Recorded & Documented via Barcode and Axle Serial Tag


  • Seamless Axle Tube - 5" O.D. - 23K & 25K Ratings, 71.5" & 77 .5" Tracks Available
  • Integral Formed Spindle Journals, Hardened Bearing Journals & Rolled Threads
  • Tapered (N) and Parallel (P) Spindles
  • Tire Inflation Prep (PSI Axle Plugs and Stators installed)


  • Synchronized Dual Piston Actuation
  • Proprietary Brake Pad 2025 Initiative Compliant Copper-Free Friction Material
  • Running Clearance of 0.024-0.039 in. (0.6-1.0 mm)
  • Increment of Adjustment Ave. 0.008 in. (Ave. 0.21 mm)
  • Dual Position Caliper Wear Indicators (Visual)
  • Rotor Wear Indicator- Dual-Sided (Visual)
  • Electronic Wear Monitoring (Continuous Wear Sensor) "CWS" (Optional)


  • Customizable HDNABI ™ Wheel End Warranty Packages (XS5-5 year or XS7-7 year)
  • Engineered Hubs with Fill Hole & Premium E-Coat
  • Matched & Balanced Turbo-Flo Rotors
  • Industry Standard Bearings/ Seals/ Hub Caps
  • Synthetic Oil or Synthetic Semi Fluid Grease
  • Optional Dust Shields


  • Extended Life, "High Output" Piston Style Actuator- Standard Type 20/24
  • Patented Internal Breather Design with Zero Back Pressure - 100% Contamination Free
  • Integral Release Bolt- Built-in for Minimal Protrusion
  • MAGNI Coated Return Spring, Corrosion Protected ... Guaranteed
  • Non-Coil Clash Power Spring, Powder Coat corrosion protection
  • Higher parking brake capability - +500 lbs. more than competitors


  • Rotor, Carrier & Caliper Assembly
  • Rotor Only