HDNABI brings a “Built-to-Perform” Air Disc Brake and Axle System for the North American Commercial Vehicle Market.
The XS7 22XLT is packed with premium Technology-based features that sets a new standard Air Disc Brakes with uncompromising quality, reliability and performance.

HDNAB’s industry leading warranty standard and optional warranty packages for your Trailers.
5, 7 or 10 year*(limited Fleet approved warranty)

*Millage limitation or restrictions or duty cycle may apply based on application usage. Requires HDNABI approval for 10 year. Fleet extended warranty.

TYPE XS7 22.5″TRACTOR XS7 22.5″TRAILER XS7 19.5″ XS7 17.5″
Caliper Floating Caliper
Housing Twin-Body
Piston Double Piston
Adjuster One way & Overload Clutch
Wear Sensor(Option) Continuous Wear Sensor

24-7, 365 days

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1,000 documents including product presentations, sales literature, product videos and photos, service bulletins, parts books, comprehensive training videos (web-based and instructor led.

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