Will be With you

The Company is built on its’ 50 years of experience in
engineering development from chemistry, and R&D development and manufacturing of friction materials for automotive and commercial vehicle industries.

HDNABI™'s R&D and product tests will continue to develop more efficient, more reliable brake systems. To wherever you drive, HDNABI™ will be there with you.

Our Promise

Become a recognized leader

We promise…

  • To deliver an advanced Air Disc Brake and Axle Systems to the North American Commercial Vehicle Market.
  • To provide a strong, high-performance system without compromise for product quality, durability and reliability.
  • To meet a higher standard of manufacturing excellence.
  • To meet higher environmental standards with copper-free pad friction materials, 2025 compliant.
  • To provide certified assembly torque measurements for each axle and ADB assembly.
  • To provide certified assembly end-play measurements for each wheel-end and on serial tags.
  • To develop and deliver the best corrosion protection packages.
  • To provide best warranty coverage options for your application.
  • To deliver on time.
  • To earn your trust as your standard ADB supplier.